Visit the Best Destinations in Portugal with a Hired Car

Posted by Roger Lankford on 01:20 AM, 30-Oct-14

Traveling to Portugal
is perhaps what you need for a whole new experience of how much more the world
has to offer. Graced with gothic villages, amorous castles, centuries old
palaces, eternal sunshine, enormous rivers, green natural parks and mountains,
architectural masterpieces, archeological heritage and an immense coastline it
is probably one of the most beautiful countries. Embodied with world class
hotels and restaurants, accommodation won’t be a problem in Portugal and the hospitable
people will ensure your trip is even more enjoyable. Hiring a car in Faro once
you arrive in Portugal will guarantee the most rewarding touring experience as
it will enable an easy link between cities and you getting the most of what
this lovely country has to show. Follow the trail below to discover the must
visit destinations in Portugal.

The Algarve region is
gifted with golden sandy beaches fine for surfing and diving, exhilarating
attractions and a fantastic climate. The convoluted villas, great golf and animated
resorts attract a lot of tourists while they still offer adequate and
comfortable accommodation. You will come across native migrating birds as you
drive interior to the protected wetlands of Algarve, the scenic mountains that give
the region its appealing landscape and quaint historical towns along the way. Additional
places of interest to add to your excursion list of this region include Alvos,
Lagos and Olho’s Dagua.

The City of Lisbon will
be best for a second choice as you continue with your vacation. Travel back in
time by driving across this beautiful city and get to visit the numerous
museums, ancient buildings and cobbled streets. Take delight in the architectural
grandeur of the city and the scenic magical hills of Sintra Town. The welcoming
sandy beaches and the sunny weather of Lisbon offer a perfect place to wind up
your afternoon and get back to discovering Lisbon’s nightlife which is another
whole new experience. 

The Central region of Portugal
is an ideal target destination for the nature lover. It is host to the mainland’s
highest mountain peak which rests alongside awesome coastal towns. Drive past
beaches, breathtaking glacier valleys and scenic pine forests as you find your
way to one of the oldest university cities in Europe. Traversing the gorgeous
wine-tasting trails will also be a great ride for the alcohol aficionado. 

The North Region is
mostly known for its wine production and will therefore be a good place to
visit for the alcohol enthusiast. Cruise across Porto the majestic port city stunningly
located at the mouth of River Duoro and enjoy the picturesque centuries old
buildings and squares. Visit the World Heritage Site of Cais de Ribeira area
and take photos of the ancient colorful homes looming over the waterfront. The
Riberia area also offers a good romantic spot worth visiting on a honeymoon. 

The places mentioned
above are only a drop in the sea as there are more to visit including the
renowned World Heritage Sites. Driving a rental car will ensure that you have a
well planned schedule and with the minimum inconveniences. It will be best and
cheaper for you to hire a car in Faro if you enter the country through the Faro
International Airport. The car will be delivered to you at the airport if
booked in advance at the numerous online car hire sites and you can start your
vacation in Algarve.

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